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LpS Digital Awards – Specifications:

Deadline Alert: Propel your innovation to the forefront by submitting your proposal no later than November 30th, 2023.

Award Categories:

Product Awards – Components (LEDs, ICs, …), Modules (Drivers, Controls, …), Final Systems (Luminaires, Controls, …), Tools (SW, …)

Sustainability Award Sustainable Products from Components to Final Systems

Scientific Paper Award Best Paper Award

Achievement Award  Honoring an individual whose vision and dedication have sculpted the lighting landscape.

Spotlight Moment: Winners will be heralded at the LpS Digital Summit in December 2023. Not only will the accolades of the LpS Digital Awards 2023 be showcased on LED professional and Trends in Lighting, but victors will also be granted the esteemed opportunity to deliver a lecture at LpS Digital and will be honored with a certificate of achievement.

Apply for the LpS Digital Awards 2023

As victors, you will be bestowed with the prestigious LpS Digital Awards Certificate, a testament to your unparalleled innovation and excellence.

But the accolades don’t end there. Seize the spotlight with an LpS Digital Featured Talk, amplifying your voice to a vast audience of 45,000+ industry contacts.

Experience unparalleled promotion on LpS Digital and gain a distinguished feature in the revered LED professional Review.

Furthermore, your groundbreaking entry will be showcased prominently in the Global Lighting Directory.

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–– Siegfried Luger, Organizer and Head of Luger Research e.U.

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info@LpS-Digital.global or info@lugerresearch.com

Winners 2022

Product Award: Nichia’s Dynasolis
Product Award: Samsung’s LH502D
Product Award: LEDiL’s YASMEEN
Product Award: ams OSRAM’s DALI PRO 2 IoT
Product Award: EnOcean’s STM550
Sustainability Award: TE Connectivity’s LUMAWISE Motion Sensor
Scientific Best Paper Award: Dr. Eric VIREY from Yole Group
Achievement Award: Jan DENNEMAN from the GoodLightGroup

Product Award Winner:
Nichia’s Dynasolis

Statement of the Jury: “The connection between health and light is increasingly recognized in greater depth and will become even more significant in the future. The Dynasolis innovation is an entirely new LED tuning solution that regulates circadian rhythms by adjusting melanopic illuminance and color temperature while maintaining high CRI and efficacy. It is the combination of the energizing azure (sky blue) and a peaceful, calming warm white hue focusing on the non-visual element that truly addresses HCL. Applications range from medical, office, education and even residentials.”


Product Award Winner:
Samsung’s LH502D

Statement of the Jury: “In Europe, more than 50% of outdoor lighting systems are outdated. There are safety, security and consumption issues. The LH502D shows high performance in multiple core reliability tests with an increased lifetime. The new 3-layer anti-sulfurization ceramic coating technology with a 5050 LED package offers improved performance with reduced costs to support investments for new and retrofit installations – especially for harsh environments such as streets- and tunnel lighting.”


Product Award Winner:

Statement of the Jury: “YASMEEN zoom is a zoom optic family that enables new lighting possibilities thanks to its flexibility and adaptability. YASMEEN zoom optics are unique, as they have been designed with no axially moving parts. Luminaires can be made smaller, are easier to design, and fit into existing track light concepts. YASMEEN zoom optics can be used for compact retail lighting luminaire designs that demand the flexibility of easily adjusting zoom optics in a single luminaire. YASMEEN zoom optics also support sustainability: there’s no need to replace and possibly dispose of luminaires.”


Product Award Winner:

Statement of the Jury:  “DALI PRO 2 IoT is a lighting control technology with an integrated IoT gateway and open REST/ MQTT API provide access to cloud applications, thus enabling IoT use cases. Luminaire information, energy consumption and maintenance data can be pushed to the cloud. The Energy Monitoring and Maintenance Assistant (EM/MA) cloud service enables facility managers to monitor their lighting installations, gain insight into individual energy consumption areas, identify maintenance needs and making system updates remotely. This enables energy and cost and investment (replacements) savings.”


Product Award Winner:
EnOcean’s STM550

Statement of the Jury: “The STM 550 multisensor family combines temperature, humidity, lighting, acceleration, and magnetic contact sensors in a small case. The multisensor is for the EnOcean wireless standard and for Bluetooth® systems and can be used for IoT and digitized building applications. An integrated solar cell supplies the sensor itself with energy for uninterrupted operation over several days with little or no light. STM 550 operates completely maintenance-free. It can also be integrated into a wide variety of assets and therefore can be used where the data is needed: on walls, ceilings, windows, doors, furniture, active devices, and objects. The multisensor has an integrated NFC interface for configuration and commissioning.”


Sustainability Award Winner:
TE Connectivity’s LUMAWISE Motion Sensor

Statement of the Jury: “LUMAWISE is a new motion sensor designed to bring sustainability and efficiency to street lighting architecture. With detection zones up to 30×6 meters and strong infrared sensing capabilities, LUMAWISE Motion Sensor can light the way, even in harsh environments. Enabling energy savings from dimming or even turning off a luminaire while still being able to react to motion and bring a luminaire to full brightness for safety and security reasons. LUMAWISE Motion will fit into the Zhaga-D4i ecosystem, which is the new standard for smart cities. It works as a standalone control device or in combination with Zhaga-D4i photocell or communication node for greater levels of controls. The sensor is a pluggable device, with the standard Zhaga book 18 interface for an easy upgrade.”


Scientific Best Paper Award Winner:
Dr. Eric VIREY from Yole Group

“Will MicroLEDs Revolutionize the Display Industry?”, LpR94, Nov/Dec 2022, p46-51.
Statement of the Jury:  “The lecture gives a profound overview of technology at the edge of commercial implementation. It describes various aspects, both commercial and technological. It shows hurdles and chances and compares them with competing technologies (LCD, OLED).”


Achievement Award Winner:
Jan DENNEMAN from the GoodLightGroup

Statement of the Jury: “Jan Denneman has dedicated over 40 years of his professional career to developing and promoting the lighting sector. He has initiated several international consortia, like the Global Lighting Association, Zhaga, the Connected Lighting Alliance, and LightingEurope. He also founded the GoodLightGroup, where he serves as  Chairman. He is passionate about light and health, and rethinking lighting again.”