LpS Digital Summit 2024

5th Dec. 2024 from 2-5p.m. CET

The LpS Digital Summit 2024 is set to unfold on December 5, showcasing pivotal insights from industry and research giants. Dive deep into the forefront of lighting innovations as our esteemed panel unravels the cutting-edge trends shaping the future. Brace yourself as we unveil the trailblazers, the winners of the 2024 Innovation Awards. Experience the LpS Digital Summit 2024 in its full splendor, broadcasted live and streaming to a global audience.

For any inquiries or points of discussion, please feel free to reach out to us at info@LpS-Digital.global or at info@lugerresearch.com.

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Luger Research e.U. is the esteemed organizer of the LpS Digital Summit. As the publisher of notable platforms like LED professional, Trends in Lighting, and the Global Lighting Directory, they boast a formidable global reach in the lighting sector, connecting with more than 45,000 industry professionals and enthusiasts.

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