About LpS Digital

Like the LED professional Symposium +Expo and Trends in Lighting Forum &Show that took place at the Festspielhaus in Bregenz/Austria every year since September, 2011, LpS Digital is meant to approach and support the complete value chain in the global lighting industry.

When it comes to Technological Design, LpS Digital’s goal is to provide Corporate Managment, Technical Management, R&D and Production/QM within the global lighting manufacturing industry with top notch technical knowhow, primarily on a component level.

In terms of Lighting Design, LpS Digital will show best practice for Architects, Lighting Consultants, Electrical Consultants, Lighting Designers, Lighting OEMs, IT/IoT System Integrators and students.

The editors focus on Human Centric Lighting, Connected Lighting, Smart Controls, Internet of Things, Light as a Service and much more.

LpS Digital Motto: Experience the Future of Light

LpS Digital presents current, high-quality content about lighting design, technologies, and applications to the entire global lighting community and acquaint the lighting domain with the latest product developments and applications trends. LpS Digital offers a unique, innovative and highly targeted platform to support the lighting domain on a global scale.

All LpS Digital content is freely available even with no registration required.


Authors/Speakers may submit their lecture abstract through the online form (link below) or send it by email to info@lps-digital.global.

The authors/speakers of contributions accepted by the program management will be invited to hold their talk and, if appropriate, to write a qualified article. LpS Digital will share every lecture with over 45,000+ contacts/followers immediately after publication.

The lecture may be pre-recorded or recorded via a Zoom meeting with the LpS Digital organizers.

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Are you a manufacturer of products, lighting solutions, test- or production- equipment? Or are you a service provider in the lighting field from design to installation? LpS Digital has established the perfect opportunity to present your products and services efficiently and purposefully to potential customers.

LpS Digital is the ultimate and up-to date-platform to promote your products and services on a global scale.

LpS Digital allows you to present your services to the world of light to 45,000+ contacts. LpS Digital can save you money on stand costs and personnel costs, as well as help to protect the environment. And most importantly, your employees will not be confronted with health or travel risks.

Using LpS Digital to present your products to this highly qualified audience is the most effective method to market your innovations quickly and efficiently.

On top of presenting your products and services, LpS Digital will also share your contribution with an interested audience via TOP social media channels. Your product or service will automatically be evaluated for the LpS Digital Awards, which will be given yearly.

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