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Nichia’s H6 Series

Awarded Innovation for the Best Packaged LED. H6 LEDs deliver industry’s highest joint-boost in color rendering and efficacy.

Light so Good

ipRGC Sensitive Optimized LED Spectrum and Its Application in Color Temperature Lighting Solutions by Xavier DENIS, Technical Marketing Manager, Nichia Europe, Germany

Light so Good

The LED range that puts people first.

Nichia’s commitment to human-centric lighting continues with three new technological breakthroughs in its Light so Good product range: Vitasolis(TM), Optisolis(TM), and the 2-in-1 Tunable LED.

Find out more, download the Light so Good brochure here.

2-in-1 Tunable White LED

Introducing Nichia’s game-changer: The first 2-in-1 Tunable White LED. The single light-emitting-surface (LES) mid- power 3030 LED enables luminaire manufacturers to improve color tuning and mixing, shrink optics and fixture profiles, and opens up new exciting creative design possibilities. Find out more, download the Light so Good brochure here.

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